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A Jackknifed Truck Can Have Tragic Results

“Jackknifing” refers to the way the two parts of a tractor-trailer can form an angle when the truck driver swerves or loses control. The driver’s cab and the trailer bend toward each other, often blocking the road or crushing other vehicles in the way.

Bringing nearly 30 years of experience to auto accident cases of all kinds, our Bronx truck accident lawyer for jackknife accidents understands how truck jackknifing accidents occur and how to pursue maximum compensation for injury victims.

A 2009 report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that over the span of only one year, 4,146 trailer swing and jackknife accidents occurred. If you or someone you love was a victim, get an experienced lawyer on your side today. Call us at 917-534-6479 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Common Causes Of Jackknifing Trucks

Large, two-part trucks can fold or bend in the middle for many reasons. However, the most common causes of jackknifing include:

  • Improper braking
  • Equipment failure or faulty brakes
  • Speeding, especially around curves
  • Dangerous road conditions

Improper braking is responsible for a large number of accidents. When a truck driver is suffering from extreme fatigue, is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or is simply inattentive, it is very easy for him or her to jam on the brakes a little too hard. When this happens, the truck can jackknife and slam into other vehicles with extreme force.

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