Verdicts & Settlements

The Law Office of Ira Pintel has a history of helping clients recover as much as possible for their injuries. Below are some of our verdicts and settlements.

$4.65 Million – Brooklyn construction worker falls at an unsafe construction site has back, neck and knee surgery. Case settles at mediation.

$3.3 Million – Labor law iron worker fell 25 feet and suffered from multiple fractures. This case was settled at trial.

$3 Million – A slip-and-fall accident that resulted in shoulder, knee, and back surgery settled.

$2.5 Million – Worker falls down at a construction site in Manhattan, injures his back and shoulder and requires shoulder surgery then back surgery. Case settles right before trial.

$2.5 Million – Worker was injured in a motor vehicle accident requiring multiple surgeries. This case resulted in a settlement.

$1.4 Million – A falling object strikes a brick layer’s hand from the floor above requiring multiple surgeries and eventually loss of a finger. Case settles at mediation.

$1.25 Million – A car struck from behind by another driver in the Bronx was settled.

$1.2 Million – A client fell on a defective New York City sidewalk and had to have multiple knee surgeries. The case settled.

$1 Million – A hit from behind city vehicle required multiple surgeries. Case settled.

$850,000 – Ceiling collapses on Bronx man’s head resulting in back surgery. This case was settled at mediation.

$800,000 – A slip-and-fall on premises in Bronx, New York resulting in multiple ankle surgeries, settled before trial.

$775,000 – A construction worker fractured his wrist and required two surgeries. This case was mediated in favor of the injured worker.

$675,000 – Slip and fall occurred within the New York City Housing Department. Our client suffered a fractured leg.

$650,000 – Beam rolls on union worker’s foot resulting in partial amputation of toe. This case was settled before trial with dismissal notice pending.

$650,000 – Plaintiff falls on defective crack on sidewalk resulting in broken arm with surgery. This case was settled at trial.

$575,000 – A woman crossing a New York City street broke her tibia on a defect in the road. Case settles at trial.

$475,000 – A worker traveling in a van on I-95 injured his back. This case was settled.

$450,000 – Plaintiff hit in the rear of vehicle. Has back injury. Case settles at mediation.

$423,000 – Plaintiff in Brooklyn hit from behind multiple back injuries with no surgeries resulting in a jury verdict.

$360,000 – Plaintiff falls in icy parking lot resulting in tibia break. This case was settled at mediation.

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The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters in which results have been provided. Additionally, every case is different, and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits. All results of cases handled by the firm are not provided.